"I wrote this book to make interior designing simpler. Contrary to popular belief, designing is more than just decorating. There are a lot of aspects to consider, from building codes, green and universal design guidelines, accessibility laws and professional conducts. You will also find out that some Philippine building guidelines, when compared with each other, contradict. This book will guide you through choosing the most sensible option or standard when the inconsistencies do not make any sense. This will surely save your time having to scour through the nitty gritty guidelines." 
-Lionel Sanchez
Lionel is the principal interior designer of Sanchez Design Studio Inc. (SDSI), a full-fledged interior design firm with a diverse portfolio developing foolproof themes to suit every project, lifestyle and budget; not only on private residential projects, but retail, corporate, healthcare, hospitality, and institutional assignments as well.
Lionel is an expert in interior design. He graduated with a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture (M.Arch) from the University of San Carlos (USC), and an Assistant Professor of the same university, he has published a research in the “International Journal of Spatial Design & Research”. He is also a contributor of Lantawan, USC's Architecture and Fine Arts magazine. 

Currently taking up a Doctorate Interior Design (PhD) degree at the Atlantic International University, Lionel is passionate about sharing his passion for interior design with NOT JUST DECORATING. 

True to its title, the book is sure to enrich interior design professionals, aspirants, enthusiasts and students alike.
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