Christmas Decorating

Christmas time is in the air again... This year has been quite a year, and we at Sanchez Design Studio still believe that no matter what, we always need a little Christmas no matter the situation. To elicit that holiday spirit, we need to ante up our Christmas decorating this year. Here are are top 4 tips:

1. Gather Ideas and Inspirations. It can be anything from a color of an ice cream or anything from the mundane you find appealing and interesting. Initially, do not worry if they all do not seem to make sense. Gather them and create a mood board, which is simply a collection of things you are attracted visually.

2. Pick a Theme. Based on your ideas and inspirations, you may have noticed a pattern or a recurring theme. Or, it can be an idea that dominates the most. Commit to a theme that you have chosen. At this point, there is no turning back! ;)

3. Choose a Color Scheme. After choosing a theme, you might have also noticed recurring colors. Select a minimum of three (3), and a maximum of five (5) colors. This will serve as your palette and guide in choosing which colors to employ for your holiday decorating.

4. Showcase an Unpredictable Element. This tip is our favorite because it adds an element of surprise to your decor. In the picture above, interior decorator Mary McDonald used peacocks and fruits to adorn the entryway. This tip ensures a conversation starter during those holiday gatherings (and since it's 2020, limited while observing social distancing protocols of course).

5. Add Glitter and Metallics for New Year. Utilize your Christmas decor, and simply add glitter and metallic elements to spruce it up and bring in a New Year vibe. Be it 

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