Top DIFFA Dining by Design Tables

Photo: The Architect's Newspaper (2019)

To commemorate World AIDS Day every December 1, we are counting down our Top Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) Dining by Design creations. This fundraising event brings together internationally renowned and local talent to create dining installations to raise critical funds for DIFFA’s work fighting HIV/AIDS. These extraordinary dining environments set the stage for five days of fun and fundraising.

Photo: Architectural Digest (2013)

1. First on the list is by our very own Cebuano furniture and industrial designer, Kenneth Cobonpue. There is something very Filipino associated with rattan.

Photo: Quintessence (2013)

2. "Rachel Laxer’s table also had a sense of whimsy mingled with a surrealist take on an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter party. Anchored by a painting by Ray Cesar, which was enlarged for the space, Rachel’s design mixed a refined elegance with her love of functional art, resulting in a surprising sense of the unexpected."

Photo: DIFFA National (2013)

3. "The New York School of Interior Design brought their message to the forefront, with their bold design. 'Beauty represented by the image is distorted by voids representing HIV/AIDS. The void in the tableware is for everyone to REMEMBER what needs to be done.'"

Photo: Lumen Architecture 

4. Last but not the least, we chose this very appropriate design for the current COVID-19 situation. Lumen Architecture joined the creative team of Stefan Steil of STEILISH to develop an art installation that deals with the alienation and stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, with an illuminated acrylic divider.

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